Ben Harrison on the Issues

As a lifelong resident of North Alabama, I am committed to making our state government truly serve the people. I am passionate for good government; government that protects the liberty and freedoms of its people, lives within its means, and is transparent before its citizens. I love this community, and I am dedicated to working towards better state government.

Cut Wasteful Spending:

I take my responsibilities very seriously. As a steward of your tax dollars, I believe the county must cut wasteful spending and learn how to balance our budgets and operate without debt. It can be hard in the short term, but government at every level must stop leaving debt for our children.

Jobs & Economy:

As a former Technical Services Manager for Kohler Company, and a small business owner, I understand what businesses are looking for, and how the government can help provide a business friendly environment.


Another area that is very important to me is keeping taxes as low as possible while maintaining the vital functions of government within its proper role. People are already burdened with so many taxes, and I cannot support adding to that burden.

Government Transparency:

As a resident of the Great State of Alabama, you have the right to know how your government does its business. As your representative, I will always work to improve the transparency of government.

Property Rights:

I feel very strongly about private property rights, and as your district 2 representative I will fight to protect your rights as our area continues to grow in the coming years. I will defend your property rights, and fight to keep government out of your business.

Economic Development:

Another area I concerned about  is our governments spending habits. I would like to see us move away from tax-payer funded corporate incentives, and try to find a better plan for economic development. I believe the State should be spending more money on roads and less money on corporate incentives, new building projects, and buying unnecessary properties. Government should provide a business friendly environment for everyone and not use taxpayer money to pick winners and losers.

Fight For Better Roads:

At the top of my list is fighting for better roads. I believe that state needs to make roads a bigger priority. Sometimes it seems like government is so busy with corporate incentives, new building projects, and buying unnecessary properties, that they forget the basics of serving the community. I would like to change that, and will continue to be a voice for improving roads.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me anytime at: 256-614-9087